J.UMP White Label Service (JWLS) – for Staffing Agencies, Recruiters, Branches, and Franchises

white_label_words  If you’re hiring, and if you think that looking up job openings on map is a great idea, then you should arrange to show a job map of your own (list of jobs) to the world, regardless if you’re a staffing agency, an individual recruiter, or a company with opening positions distributed over branches/franchises.

The question is then, how do you get such a job map and have it up ready, quick and easily?JWLS_logo_trans_150_2

Introducing J.UMP White Label Service (JWLS).   Your job map can be created for global access in just one day!  The JWLS delivers following functionality to make it happen with your job map creation enabled by full DIY approach:

  • Register and activate your JWLS account
  • Prepare and upload your job list file to JWLS for checking and final importing
  • Verify your JWLS job map link, and deploy it on your site
  • Review your JWLS report of job access statistics on your JWLS map
  • Update your JWLS job list as needed

To see JWLS in actual action, please click here to access the JWLS demo.

Followings are the complete guide for the JWLS job map owners:

Sign Up

The JWLS sign-up page is at http://jobs.uponmap.com/UPONMAP/wlSignUp.html which looks like this:


All information on the sign-up page are required except the Referral Code.

The account name may contain space character which will be automatically replaced by character ‘.’ in the final account name  applied. For example, the account name “Super Job Agency” will become “Super.Job.Agency” as the actual account name applied.

The business address must be a postal address down to a valid and existing house/apt number which can be geocoded into its specific location latitude and longitude value. Addresses in P.O. Box form are NOT accepted.

The sign-up page is capable of converting your valid business address into its location point value when you click on the map marker icon at the page bottom. This address to location conversion must be done prior to submitting the sign-up page for sign-up registration. Once, and only when, the address to location point value is successfully converted, the page bottom map icon will be replaced by a clickable sign-up icon as displayed here. Without the appearance of this icon, you won’t be able to submit your sign-up page.sign_up_submit_icon

So the recommended sign-up process is:

1. Enter a valid business address

2. Click the page bottom map icon to convert the business address into location latitude and longitude

3. Finalize all other required data and submit all content for actual sign-up


The submitted sign-up page content are processed by the JWLS server for inspection and validation with report-back as following:

sign_up_reg_1You should inspect the report to validate all data fields prior to clicking the page bottom button to proceed with the creation of your JWLS account.

Once the “Proceed to…” button is clicked, the JWLS server will start your JWLS account creation process immediately with report-back as:


With the report indicating the successful creation of your new JWLS account, you should then proceed to check your JWLS account activation e-mail at the e-mail address provided in your sign-up page. The activation e-mail looks like:

email_activationYou should click to activate your account as instructed in the e-mail. You will get the activation confirmation immediately and can proceed to sign in to the J.UMP service for your JWLS account administration.

Sign In

The J.UMP service is accessible via the J.UMP web site by clicking on the  “See jobs on map!” button.

JUMP_web_page_header_pointedThis will bring you to the J.UMP service where you can sign-in by clicking on the indicated “Sign-In” button to the right of the upper page portion.

JUMP_sign_in_button_pointedThis will opens up the sign-in panel where you can fill in your JWLS account name and password and click for sign-in.

JUMP_sign_in_panelWith valid account name and password provided, your successful sign-in will be indicated by the sign-in account displayed to the right of the page just above the map as:

JUMP_sign_in_account_indicatorNote that the “WL:J.UMP” label to the left of “account ACME” confirms that the JWLS server recognizes you as a JWLS account owner, with the “WL:” prefix added as the confirmation indicator.

Now you can look for the “WL Admin” text displayed below the map among other setting controls as:


By clicking on the “WL Admin” text (not the checkbox) you’ll open up your White Label Job Admin panel right below the Control Section as:


And here’s the full view of the White Label Job Admin panel which contains a few JWLS admin facilities which are explained separately in the following:


 Job List Upload & Import

You can upload a comma delimited CSV file (Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Value List) from your desktop to the JWLS server for your job list importing. The CSV file contain lines of job data with one data line per job. Each job line consists of the following required data in 7 (seven) comma delimited fields:

  1. The job’s internal ID string (one contiguous string, letters, digits, ‘-‘, ‘_’)
  2. The job opening position title
  3. The job category (based on effective J.UMP job category list)
  4. The job capacity (optional, based on effective J.UMP job capacity list, Full-Time assumed if this field is left empty)
  5. The job location (postal address or latitude/longitude value pair)
  6. The job description/detail/application web link
  7. The job opening expiry date (optional, default 45 days to expiry applied if this field is left empty)

Here’s an example of a 5 lines job list file for upload and importing:

Line 1: 7177,.Net Developer,Information Technology,Full-Time,”250 Richard Montgomery Drive, Rockville, MD 20852″,http://www.atr.com/jobs/7177.html,5/20/2016
Line 2: 7268,”ASP.NET Software Developer, Sr.”,Information Technology,Full-Time,”39.3945536, -76.11725419999999″,http://www.atr.com/jobs/7268.html,5/20/2015
Line 3: 7167,A/V Project Manager,Information Technology,,”400 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201″,http://www.atr.com/jobs/7167.html,9/20/2015
Line 4: 6502,C++ Developers (Website design),Information Technology,Full-Time,”Gaithersburg, MD 20877″,http://www.atr.com/jobs/6502.html,
Line 5: 7251,”C/Java Software Developers, Sr.”,Information Technology,Full-Time,”4637-4651 Pulaski Ct, Scott AFB, IL 62225″,http://www.atr.com/jobs/7251.html,

The JWLS server applies a two-stage importing process on each job list file uploaded. The first stage is for the data field checking and job address conversion (to location latitude/longitude), and the second stage is for the actual job data importing. Any error encountered and reported during the first stage will most likely abort the importing process with the second stage execution skipped. You should always carefully review the first stage error messages, if any, and have the reported errors corrected before attempting to retry uploading the job list file.

Note that the postal address of the job location is preferred to be down to the accuracy level of house/apt unit number for successful geocoding to its location latitude/longitude. Post Office box addresses (P.O. Box) are NOT accepted.

Postal addresses with the accuracy level of “City, State” are accepted and are geocoded to the city/state latitude/longitude value with specific offset added to all jobs imported by a given sourcing White Label account for a given city/state. For example, all jobs from the pseudo White Label account “ACME” at “Austin, TX” are all placed at a same latitude/longitude location which is near the center of the city Austin, TX but not overlapping other job markers from other White Label accounts at the same city Austin, TX.

Job postal addresses are geocoded into corresponding location latitude/longitude pairs which are then used in the second stage actual importing execution. Each postal address to location latitude/longitude value geocoding takes minimum one second to execute, i.e. with a list of 100 jobs to import, with all 100 jobs requiring job location geocoding, the whole importing process will take at least 100 seconds to complete.

As such , you may alternatively want to supply a location latitude/longitude value pair in place for the job address, and the JWLS will simply apply your location latitude/longitude for the given job without the geocoding. Supplying latitude/longitude value thus can save the extended execution time required for address geocoding. Supplying latitude/longitude value is also recommended if you’re unable to obtain a valid postal address for the given job, or if you want to keep the job’s exact location as confidential. In the later case you’d supply a latitude / longitude value which is near the actual job location, without giving away the job location confidentiality.

If the actual job employer’s identity is to be kept confidential, then either by supplying the job address or the job location latitude/longitude value in your uploading job list, it is highly recommended that you should “offset” the final job location. That is, you do not want to reveal the job employer identity by supplying a job address or location value which results in placing the corresponding job marker right on top of the job employer’s exact premise. By offsetting the job location to somewhere nearby, say on the same block, it will be adequate and acceptable to the job seekers in terms of their job commute consideration.

Your choice of JWLS subscription plan (mainly based on the quota of total jobs allowed, e.g. 50 jobs, 150 jobs, or 300 jobs, etc.) dictates how many jobs you can have (imported) in your account at any point of time. You can import up to your account job list quota, then wait till the expiry date of some of the jobs (which will be automatically deleted) and upload and import more jobs up to the limit of your quota. Note that job importing process terminates upon the detection of the first exceeding of your account’s job quota limit.

 Job Listing & Update

The White Label Job Administration panel also let you list out all existing jobs in your JWLS account. You can select specific entries in the job listing for deletion any time. This will free up your JWLS job list quota usage, and allows new job entries to be imported.

 Job Map Boundary

Your JWLS job map boundary defines the map region that contains all your existing jobs. Users visiting your JWLS job map are presented with the map within this given boundary showing all your existing jobs altogether, with corresponding map zoom level and map center location. The JWLS job map boundary is automatically updated during each job list upload/importing execution.  In addition, you can utilize the “Click to update job map boundary” button  in the White Label Job Administration panel to manually rescan and update the job boundary anytime.

 Job Map Access Statistics

The White Label Job Administration panel also allows you to obtain the statistics report on all your jobs collectively. The statistics report looks like:


The “Job & Employer Page View Stats” portion of the JWLS stats report shows the click count of the “See Job & Employer” button (inside job marker’s pop-up information window) on job markers of the given JWLS account during the current date, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and since the beginning of the JWLS account. Click of the “See Job & Employer” button means that the user saw a given job marker displayed on the map, had clicked on the job marker to see the job marker’s pop-up information window, and had further on clicked the “See Job & Employer” button in the pop-up window. This clearly indicates the user’s interest in the given job.

The “Job Service Access Stats” portion gives a detailed daily log (up to 10 days) of various types of user access actions performed on your job markers, including:

  • Display count on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • Click count on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • Messages exchanged via all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • Comments on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • Number of times your JWLS job markers’ shortcut URL were used (shared)
  • “Follow” count on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • “Like” count on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • “Dislike” count on all your JWLS account’s job markers
  • “Flag” count on all of the JWLS account’s job markers
  • “Bad Location/Data” report count on all your JWLS account’s job markers

As important as the “Job & Employer Page View Stats” tells the number of click-through from the job map to the actual job page and employer page  (i.e. how effective the job map is bringing job seekers to the actual job page), JWLS job map owners should also pay attention to the display count and the click count of their JWLS job markers in the “Job Service Access Stats” portion, as these are the indicators of popularity and effective usage of their JWLS job map.

JWLS Job Exploration Via JWLS Job Map URL

The White Label job maps are treated as subsets of the master J.UMP job map, with the master J.UMP job map access URL as “http://jobs.uponmap.com” and the JWLS job map access URL as “http://jobs.uponmap.com/@ABC“, where the ABC should be replaced by your actual JWLS account name. For example, the JWLS account “JWLS.Demo” will add the JWLS URLhttp://jobs.uponmap.com/@JWLS.Demo” in its web site in order to lead users to its JWLS job map.

When accessing JWLS job map via a JWLS URL, users are presented with a job map which contains ONLY jobs belong to the given JWLS account, with the map boundary set to the range to include all JWLS jobs of given account. This is to show users the number and the spread of jobs of the JWLS account.

To explore more of the JWLS jobs with job display filters, users must then click on the “Regular Map” on the right portion of the screen under the map to enter the regular job map exploration mode for full range job map usages.

Always pay attention to the effective job categories and the time range selection, in order to filter for the jobs of interest. Also do zoom in/out to have your effective map scan frame in full view, increase or reduce the scan radius, shift the scan frame, for your coast to coast map navigation and job exploration.

Users can switch the display mode between JWLS jobs and master J.UMP jobs by click on the text with the name of the given JWLS account under the map. The same job filter stays effective regardless of the switching between the JWLS or the master J.UMP mode, i.e you can simply switch the JWLS/master J.UMP mode and click on the reload icon icon_reload  to see and compare the different job sets under JWLS mode and master J.UMP mode. More details in the following section.

JWLS Mode vs Master J.UMP Mode, and JWLS Openness

For JWLS job maps (with openness option) that allow user the access to other jobs on the master J.UMP job map, user can click on the JWLS account name text (e.g. the [Arena Technical Resources, LLC (ATR)] in the following example) to toggle the display mode for showing the JWLS jobs only or for showing all jobs on the master J.UMP map:


For example, following is the job map with only the ATR JWLS jobs displayed:


And the following is the reloaded job map showing all jobs on the master J.UMP job map, after the clicking on the [Arena Technical Resources, LLC (ATR)] text to switch from JWLS display mode to master J.UMP display mode:


Note that clicking on the JWLS account name text will NOT trigger the switching to master J.UMP mode – if the given JWLS account was registered with the option of user access to master J.UMP map BLOCKED instead of ALLOWED.

 Your JWLS Job SuperMarkers On J.UMP Map

SuperMarkers are those special J.UMP job markers that always “pop up” with animated background on top of all other makers on the J.UMP job map within the user’s viewing scope. Using SuperMarker for your JWLS jobs is similar as having your jobs “featured” on the traditional text mode job boards, so that these “SuperMarker” jobs stand out clearly to attract user attention.


You can designate a given number of your JWLS job markers as SuperMarker, based on the quota of your JWLS subscription plan. You can manually change the usage of your SuperMarkers on different jobs by the using White Label Job Administration panel to list and then update the SuperMarker designation.

J.UMP Job Capacity List

  • Contract
  • Entry-Level
  • Freelance
  • Full-Time
  • Internship
  • Part-time
  • Seasonal
  • Student-Job
  • Summer
  • Temporary
  • Veteran

J.UMP Job Category List

  • Accounting
  • Administrative / Clerical
  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Analyst
  • Animal Care
  • Architecture
  • Art / Creative
  • Assistant Manager
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Bartender
  • Biotech
  • Business Development
  • Business Opportunity
  • Call Center
  • Cashier
  • Children
  • Community
  • Computer
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Delivery
  • Design
  • Disabled
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Emergency
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Event
  • Executive
  • Facilities
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Finance
  • Franchise
  • General Business
  • General Labor
  • Government
  • Government (Federal)
  • Grocery
  • Health Care
  • Homeless
  • Hospitality
  • Host/Hostess
  • Human Resources
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration
  • Information Technology
  • Installation / Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Internet
  • Inventory
  • Job Fairs
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal
  • Legal Admin
  • Leisure
  • Line Cook
  • Loans
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Merchandise
  • Military / Defense
  • Music
  • Non Profit
  • Nurse
  • Oil Gas Utilities
  • Other
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Politics
  • PR
  • Production
  • Product Management
  • Professional Service
  • Project Management
  • Publishing
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Real Estate
  • Research
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Safety
  • Sales
  • Science
  • Server
  • Skilled Labor Trades
  • Social Work
  • Software
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Stock / Packout
  • Strategy Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Theater
  • Tourism
  • Training
  • Translation
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Unspecified
  • Veterinary
  • Volunteering
  • Warehouse
  • Wellness
  • White Label Source
  • Work At Home
  • Writing
  • Youth

DIY JWLS Subscription Plans and Fees

All DIY JWLS starts with 3 months subscription minimum, with option of access to master J.UMP job map allowed or blocked.

Special referral discount is applicable to your DIY JWLS subscription fee when a newly activated DIY JWLS account uses your referral code during its sign-up. Each activated DIY JWLS sign-up with your referral code entitles you to a $24.95 one-time referral discount. Up to maximum of three referral discount is allowed on the annual basis. For example, if you have three other DIY JWLS account sign-up quoting your referral code, you are then entitled to $74.85 referral discount, equivalent to a three-months free usage of DIY JWLS.

  • DIY JWLS with 50 jobs with 1 SuperMarker, master J.UMP access allowed$24.95/month ($0.50/j/m)
  • DIY JWLS with 150 jobs with 3 SuperMarkers, master J.UMP access allowed, $54.95/month ($0.37/j/m)
  • DIY JWLS with 300 jobs with 6 SuperMarkers, master J.UMP access allowed, $74.95/month ($0.25/j/m)
  • DIY JWLS with 50 jobs with 1 SuperMarker, master J.UMP access blocked$49.95/month ($0.99/j/m)
  • DIY JWLS with 150 jobs with 3 SuperMarkers, master J.UMP access blocked, $99.95/month ($0.67/j/m)
  • DIY JWLS with 300 jobs with 6 SuperMarkers, master J.UMP access blocked, $159.95/month ($0.53/j/m)

*** The above DIY JWLS Subscription Plans & Fees are effective starting April 15, 2015 and are subject to change    Please e-mail JWLS Service Provider at uponmapservice@gmail.com for subscription inquiries and assistance.

For inquiry about non-DIY (full support) JWLS, please also email uponmapservice@gmail.com for details


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