J.UMP up with Super Marker

What’s A J.UMP Super Marker?

The J.UMP Super Marker is those J.UMP map markers that:

  1. Never get “buried” inside map maker clusters (i.e. always surface above clusters)
  2. Has nice animated background to “catch the eyeballs”


Can you tell which is the Super Marker in the above picture?  Yes, it’s the one with the ani_ovly_red_7(spinning) blades at the back. So now you understand why it’s Super. Next, think about why and how to use the Super Marker for your purpose…

Well, essentially the Super Marker is used to highlight jobs that are “featured” for the given area. It’s just like the featured job on top of the traditional text job lists, or the featured ad entry in a Goggle search result. If you’re using job map, you may want to consider Super Marker your job openings – to stand out among all other jobs in the nearby area.

Super Marker is for Business Accounts only. By default each Business Account can have up to 3 Super Marker in place. Simply go to the given marker’s editing page and set the “Super Marker” ON and save the result to make the given marker as a Super Marker. Talk to us if you’d need a whole bunch of Super Markers beyond the default quota.

ani_ovly_blue_2 ani_ovly_green_1 ani_ovly_red_6ani_ovly_red_10


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