J.UMP to Business Account

hello_world_ani_slowThe main purpose of upgrading to J.UMP Business account is for the usage of J.UMP’s Hyper Local Advertising, for posting job openings on J.UMP map, and for the access to J.UMP grid statistics information.

To upgrade your basic account to business account,  you should first prepare (edit) your Base Marker as following:

  • Label your Base Marker with your official (business) name
  • Set Base Marker Privacy as “Shared”hylopost_logo_150_trans
  • Set the Base Marker to “Accept message”
  • Fill your Base Marker Info-Window content with (minimum)
    • Business/Organization official name
    • Official mailing address
    • Official e-mail address
    • Official phone numbers
    • Additional contact information
    • URL to official web site
    • URL to other information

And next you should e-mail us your Business Account upgrade request with the e-mail subject title as: “J.UMP business account upgrade request for marker ID 12345” where the 12345 should be replaced by your Base Marker’s actual ID value. To get your Base Marker’s actual ID, you can click your Base Marker on J.UMP map and see the ID value in the pop-up info-window.

Once J.UMP service receivers your Business Account upgrade request e-mail, we will immediately proceed to examine your Base Marker setup and verify the links provided in your Marker Info-Window content. J.UMP service will upgrade your account to Business type upon successful completistrategic_management2on on verifying your account information. We may contact you to clarify questions about your account data as needed prior to the final confirmation.


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