About J.UMP

J.UMP stands for “Jobs Up on MaP” (at http://jobs.uponmap.com )    J.UMP lets user navigate an on-line map to explore and view job openings of given job categories. Each job’s mhylopost_logo_150_LGBTap marker displayed on the J.UMP map is placed at the job provider’s exact location, and also leads to the job’s original posting page and the job provider’s web site.

J.UMP is a reinventing-of-wheel in the job searching service field with its initial focus on North America including USA and Canada.

The J.UMP reinventing-of-wheel has been designed to be more than just for the fun of reinventing. Beyond the intuitiveness, convenience, and productiveness of job searching with on-line map, J.UMP brings to its users a huge pool of job openings, with an average of 750,000 jobs to 1,000,000+ jobs across USA and Canada, with hourly refills. These jobs are compiled from leading job sources, EXCLUDING the Craigslist jobs (Here is our specific discussion regarding J.UMP and Craigslist)

Wherever you go (on the J.UMP map) in North America, you’rmarker_sheet_transe bound to find many jobs of your interested categories within miles, within days/hours range, anytime, anywhere! And you can see exactly where your future work location will be, that is, if you get that job 🙂

With the map based job listing approach plus the large job pool compilation, J.UMP complements and contributes to the business of related leading job listing sources (more elaborations here).

JUMP_MapAround JUMP_Filtering

For proper usage of the service, J.UMP users are required to share their current location data such that the J.UMP service can provide suitable information based on the correct user location. The J.UMP users are also required to allow the J.UMP cookies usage on users’ browser such that various routine processes can be reduced by the deployment of J.UMP cookies.

nwf_icon_job_children nwf_icon_job_animal_care  nwf_icon_hylopost_sensor nwf_icon_call_center nwf_icon_work_at_home nwf_icon_wellness nwf_icon_volunteering nwf_icon_travel nwf_icon_publishing nwf_icon_pr nwf_icon_loans nwf_icon_job_beauty_care nwf_icon_computernwf_icon_job_safety nwf_icon_job_oil_gas nwf_icon_job_music

The J.UMP service is open for immediate free usage to the general public on web, but it is recommended that user registers him/herself for a free J.UMP account in order to further obtain the following registered-user-only privileges:

  • Extended job scan area radiusclick_the_globe
  • Create shared/personal map markers
  • Job filters: job category, posting date/time
  • Bookmarking of map markers
  • Personalized job sensors nwf_icon_hylopost_sensorpositioning
  • Viewing of job opening’s original posting page
  • Viewing of job provider’s web site

There are two usage modes supported by he J.UMP:

  • Full Mode (for desktop environment)  icon_desktop
  • Lite Mode (for mobile on-the-move)     icon_mobile_devices

It is recommended that user starts with the Full Mode for detailed job exploration and various personalization setup.  User can add personal job sensors at specific location and can later on utilize these personal job sensors to list/map out interested jobs around the sensors when the user is on-the-move using the Lite Mode J.UMP.

Currently the J.UMP service operates with the sponsored advertising revenue model job_fairswhich includes the personalized hyper local advertising distribution. Users need to register and activate with their e-mail address, along with their basic demographic profile. The J.UMP hyper local advertising distribution
operation utilizes these user data to deliver personalized promotions to user, with a strictly anonymous procedure which fully isolates the J.UMP user personal data from the advertising sponsors and maintains the user privacy.

With that, you can now proceed to check out the how-to of J.UMP and start your J.UMP usage. Good luck and thanks for starting with us.  jobs1


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