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Hello world! Here’s a job for youuuuuuu…..!

Business Account Required

You need a J.UMP Business account for the authorization of posting jobs (markers).  If you’re currently holding a Basic J.UMP account, please see our posting on “J.UMP to Business Account” for more details of the account upgrade process.

Create and Place the Job Marker

First of all go to the Marker Creation Panel of the Control Section, set the marker’s privacy to “Shared”, set the marker category to (for example) “Job: Customer Service”, and then set the marker’s label text which should be the title of the job. Make sure that the Finger Pointer gui16  is visible and is at the location where the new job marker is to be placed, then click “Create Marker” to post the new job marker on J.UMP map.


Once the job marker is posted, switch to the Navigation Panel of the Control Section and select your new job marker and then click “Edit”. You should set the marker Info-window content to carry the following information (minimum):

  • Job title and brief description
  • URL of the job employer’s web site, if any
  • URL of external page for this job opening, if any, and if not then:
  • Job title
  • Job opening start and expiry date
  • Job type (Full time, part time, intern, entry-level, consultant, etc)
  • Job description and details
  • URL to application page or application submission e-mail address

Note that the job marker’s info-window content is limited to maximum 3,000 characters. With this limitation in mind, using URL link to external job posting page is recommended.


About 1,000,000+

Master Job Map & White Label Job Maps
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