J.UMP With Leading Job Boards

J.UMP aggregates and compiles large pool of job postings from leading job boards on a 24×7 periodical refill basis. Job postings are examined in order to identify their exact map location prior to the creation of their corresponding map markers on the J.UMP map. These job map markers each leads to its original job posting page from the sourcing job board, plus the job’s hiring organization’s web site.

This value-add job aggregation approach assures that there is no change or impact caused on the existing relationship and interactions among the sourcing job boards and their uaccomplice-clipart-resume-helps-land-jobsers – both the job seekers and the job posting parties. There is absolutely no data alteration on the job posting content, nor hiding, mis-presentation, or hijacking of the sourcing job boards. There is no “customer stealing” nor revenue dilution concerns for the source job boards.

As the matter of fact, for all the sourcing job boards J.UMP brings to their business many more new job seekers via the J.UMP job map.  As job seekers now get to see many more jobs aggregated from all the leading job boards, on top of the convenience and productiveness of job exploration by map, job seekers naturally become confident that jobs that were “meant for them” are now none left missing – without the previously laborious job boards hopping with never-ending scrolling or text version job list.

As such the J.UMP service invigorates the job seekers’ job exploration process, brings more nearby matching jobs to the seekers in much shorter time, across all leading job board sources. Job seekers now can engage on application submission with the sourcing job boards much quicker and more yikezb45Tfrequently.

We envision J.UMP as the catalyst to a new wave of job boards usage momentum that benefits both the job seekers. the job posters, and the job boards.



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