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Job searching by browsing the Craigslist job postings is a popular practice among some demographic segment ranges, although it is also commonly understood that not all hiring managers want their job openings go on Craigslist – not that the Craigslist job posting cost ($25 to $75 currently) is too much for them but that the Craigslist may not be able to deliver the type of user demographic sought by the hiring managers.

On the other hand, for the job seekers, it is a daily rush to catch up with new Craigslist job postings in order to apply early, since CraigslistCraigslist jobs are so “crowded and popular”. Yet the early submission of application may be counter-productive as there’s less time to customize of the application contents, and the hiring managers can always tell and never hesitate to dump the “careless” applicants even though they show up early.

Here are some thoughts from others about job listing on Craigslist:

One thing seems to be obvious is that, there is a recognizable distinction of the demographic profile of job seekers who go for Craigslist jobs and those who go for non-Craigslist job listings. Of course there’s also the in-between gray area, and this is what some hiring managers often scratch head about when considering the placement of a new job posting.

At J.UMP we aim to provide the high (map location) quality aggregation of non-Craigslist job postings. We do anticipate attracting a significant number of J.UMP users (job seekers) based on our daily refilled pool of 750,000 to 1,000,000+ geo-marked job openings.

As the traffic volhylopost_logo_150_transume to J.UMP grows on, we see our offer of free DIY job postings for our business account users become more enticing and meaningful. We anticipate the DIY job postings to be either the replicate of the ones on Craigslist (running in parallel, but free on J.UMP), or the ones that were originally to go on Craigslist (and eventually replaced by J.UMP postings). And the reason that Craigslist type of jobs start to show on J.UMP is due to the reality that J.UMP is capable of supplying a large user base, large enough to reach the demographic segment into the gray zone between the Craigslist job types and the non-Craigslist job types.

The non-Craigslist type of jobs that J.UMP compiled from leading job listing sources will NOT be affected by the DIY job posting on J.UMP. These jobs are presented to the J.UMP users on specific map location, and their map markers lead back to the job posting page from the original job listing source, without any alteration of mis-presentation of the job, the hiring organization, and the job listing source. Thus, the non-Craiglist type of jobs will need waste no time for DIY job posting on J.UMP. giphy



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