1,000+ U.S. Company/Organization White Label Job Maps Alive

JWLS_logo_trans_150_2With a highly automated process we now have 1,000+ more JWLS (J.UMP White Label Service) job maps from various US large companies and SMEs, with their dedicated company job map showing most up-to-date company specific jobs ranging from 100 to 30,000, with daily update by J.UMP 24×7 service engine.


Each of these company/organization JWLS job maps comes with a straightforward JWLS URL in the format of http://jobs.uponmap.com/@ACME where ACME is the company/organization name. The JWLS URL leads to the display of the preview of all the given company/organization’s current job openings on the map, with maximum 1,000 jobs retrieved for the preview.

To explore for jobs near a specific area of the given JWLS job map, users can click the “Click here to start full exploration” line on the preview title banner, and accordingly switch to the full job map usage mode.  (see the image following)

The job exploration will retrieve ONLY jobs from the given company/organization of the current JWLS job map, regardless of the filter setting that user may configure/change. In order to “see beyond” the jobs from the given company/organization, user should check OFF the checkbox preceding the name of the company/organization displayed under the map. Note that to “see beyond” the JWLS jobs is a privilege granted by the JWLS job map owner and thus may not be available with every JWLS job map.


If your company/organization JWLS job map is ready and alive (check the list from our JWLS job map directory page at “http://jobs.uponmap.com/jwlsdir.html“) you can contact us for full support to start the deployment the JWLS job map URL usage, e.g. add it to your career site page, or insert the link in your company job hiring related publications or e-mails. Simple as that!

If you cannot find your company/organization in our JWLS job map directory page ( “http://jobs.uponmap.com/jwlsdir.html“) then please do contact us (email to our service e-mail address) to discuss about the creation and deployment of your company/organization JWLS job map.


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